Here is a brief update on our children:

Brian is 17, will be a junior in college after next semester. He started at 14 and is a full-time honors student. His majors are philosophy and psychology, with minor computer science. He is an A student and just loves being at a university. He is an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts, and is the Junior Assistant Scout Master for his troop.


Katie 15, is a college sophomore. She also is a full-time honors student who is majoring in Media/Theater Arts. She loves her courses and is completed her first film. She began taking university courses when she was 13 (Brian paved the way!). She hopes to earn some of her tuition money by being in commercials or catalogs and is looking forward to a career in advertising.


Neil 11, is studying world history, all aspects of matter, the universe, math, etc. He is a very active Boy Scout and the leader of his patrol. He is getting ready to start his Eagle Project. He wants to be a physician trained astronaut and desperately wants to go to the moon or Mars. He loves Star Trek in all its various series (as does the whole family), and wants to meet Buzz Aldrin who is the cousin of our neighbor across the road. He loves to sled and loves to ski.


Kevin 8, is a bundle of questions, loves to read about the military, builds Legos many hours each day, is studying history, science, math, etc. He is a very active Webl Scout. He thinks he'd like to be a police officer when he grows up or study criminal justice. He's so young, it's hard to tell!