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Each year we set out general homeschool goals that we submit to our school district . Each week we use log sheets to both record and structure our implementation of these goals. Different families approach this in a myriad of ways. In my book Homeschooling: A Patchwork of Days you can see how 30 different families approach this .

Homeschooling Goals


Brian's Homeschooling Goals '97-'98
Brian's Log 97-98
Brian's Homeschooling Goals '96-'97

1998-1999 Update
Katie's Homeschooling Goals '97-'98
Katie's Log '97-'98
Katie's Homeschooling Goals '96-'97
1998-1999 Update
Neil's Homeschooling Goals '97-'98
Neil's Log '97-'98
Neil's Homeschooling Goals '96-'97 
1998-1999 Update


Kevin's Homeschooling Goals '97-'98
Kevin's Log '97-'98
1998-1999 Update


Homeschool Resources
and Information
Thinking of Homeschooling?-by Nancy Lande

Homeschool Sites on the Internet-by Nancy Lande  

Academic Contests and Competitions-by Nancy Lande

More Homeschool Web Sites

List of Homeschool Resources

Keystone National High School

Are you thinking of Homeschooling? -Some questions to ask by Nancy Lande

Foreign Language for Homeschoolers -by Nancy Lande


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