Homeschool Sites on the Internet
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Homeschool WorldJon's Home-School ResourcePage


Practical Homeschooling, Homeschool PC and Big Happy Links to homeschool newsgroups, mailing lists, FAQs.

Family magazines, Home Life Catalog, articles.

Kids at Home Homepage

Christian Interactive Network Christian Homeschool Forum magazine written by and for homeschool kids.

The Christian Homeschool Forum. Help in getting started.

Homeschool Guide

The Unschooling Homeschoolers Learning Zone:Internet Education Warehouse

Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Extensive list of supplies covering just about any subject.

A network linking homeschoolers in PA. Publishes PA The Homeschooling Zone

Homeschoolers newsletter serving about 1800 subscribers.

Support groups, HS Yellow Pages, educ. resources, online.

Moms at Home Newsletter InternetHits Home: Homeschooling Gets a Boost
Excellent information for new HSers.

Karl M. Bunday on Education Reform

Paradigm Works
Colleges That Admit Homeschoolers FAQ Internet links, computers, current events, parenting.


School Is Dead, Learn in Freedom! PageOregon Home Education Network
FAQs about homeschooling, beginning to homeschool.

Jewish Home Educators Network
FAQ on Jewish Homeschooling.

Amanda Bennett's Unit Study Adventures

Homeschooling with the McKies

National, state and local homeschool support groups,

general information resources, and favorite links.

Teach Us!

The Homespun Web of Home Educational Resources

Organizations, curriculum suppliers, internet and resources.

The Teel Family Web Site

Curriculum for all seasons, etc.

WindyCreek Homeschool

Information, resources, support, getting started, HS book,

other Internet sites, Kid's Links, etc.

Finding Homeschool Support on the Internet

Preschool Pages and At Home Mom's Page


Ideas, articles, projects for young children.

Home-Based Education Resources

Christina Homeschool Forum WebPage


Kelly's Family and Homeschooling Page

The Homespun Web of Home Educational Resources

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