"Hi! I'm a cat from the street, my owners took me from someone who found me whenI was only 1 1/2 mothes old, they have no other animals in their house. I live in Israel, in a little neighberhood. "


Hello! My name is Paws and I am a furry, friendly, fabulous feline. I know that because my Sarah tells me so. Unfortunately, I am an unown breed of cat to my faminly. Sarah doesn't know what I am. Oh well. My life remains a mystery. I live in a house with a BIG backyard. I like to romp in it sometimes with my other feline friends and the family dog, Sassy. You may have heard of her. She thinks that she's smarter than me. She barks at me to try to "intimidate me". NEVER!! We play together though. My Sarah justs luvs me and luvs me. She hugs me lots, and that's not always comfortable. I don't want Tootsie, Britches, and Tigger (my cat playmates) to think I'm a sissy pussy cat. I AM NOT A SISSY PUSSY CAT!! Whenever they say that I am, I give them a scare! Well, Tootsie and Tigger at least. They're girls, and sometimes, when I feel the urge, I pounce on 'em! They hate that. (Hee-hee!) Well, I must go now. My Sarah is calling me. I luv to be petted and rubbed and scratched and hugged, and that is just what she does! Meow. Bye-bye! -Paws

Shipoo puppy

Well, I just sashayed into my owners' hearts one day this past summer. She was looking for luv in all the wrong places, but when she saw me, it was luv at first sight. I keep all the family members smiling at me and my cute little ways. I just luv everyone, even visitors. I have just learned to bark--I have three barking types. One for play (I live with 4, mind you, 4 cats!), one for strange sounds and a really fierce bark for possible intruders. I hate dog biscuits and treats, preferring cat treats instead. Also, I particularly enjoy human food mixed in with mine. I played it smart early on by convincing my new family that I would rather starve than eat plain dry, cold, dog food. Now, they heat it for me, as well! I am black, very fluffy, and, did I mention, precious? My sweet owner, Sarah, will be happy to receive my messages, should any of you darling pooch mates or even feline friendlies (I like SOME cats) wish to correspond. Tah, tah!

Lutino Cockateil

I just came to my family 2 months ago, I am now 4 months old, I have a friend Boogie, she's a Peach faced lovebird, we like to preen each other. We also have an enemy, they call him Wacko, he doesn't like anyone but his mama, he is a Quaker. we try to be friendly but he doesn't accept it.


name=Pepper Gray
human=Lavender Huskey
animal=Blue Dutch Rabbit

My name is Pepper Gray and I am a little Blue Dutch bunny.My owner's name is Lavender Huskey. I am a gentle,quiet,little rabbit and I am a little curious I suppose! If you want to know my history I suppose I'll tell you.Lavee, my owner, has told me many times, so I basically know the whole story.Here it is.Lavee got a Mini Lop rabbit from some friends.Lavee told me that he was a very nice rabbit.His name was Peanutbutter.As it turned out, poor Peanutbutter had a cancerous tumor and the vet had to put him to sleep. Lavee was very sad,but her mother said that they could get another bunny.So they looked in the newspaper and saw my kind of bunny.Then they drove down to where my mother and my father lived.Then I was bought and paid for.My mama said," Good bye,baby dear,be good to your new mama; okay?" My papa, big and strong, said,"Honey,you're big now and I think you can do well away from your Mama.Remember,you are an honorable rabbit in the human world the more gentle you are.Farewell." I really think Father was a really honorable rabbit.That's basically my history!

Eternally Hopping,

Pepper Gray


name=Roy and Katharine (Kathy for short)
human=Anna Jackson
animal=Roy-cat Kathy-lamb

Hi! My name is Roy. I am a very respectable cat. My master doesn't always think so. I am full of mischief. Sometimes I like to run upside down on fences. My master thinks I am a real nut when I do that. I also like to run up behind the other cat and bat him on the tail. Unfortunately I get hissed at when I do that though. I live in a barn. At night I wait for the other cat to find a nice warm spot and then I chase him out. Sometimes I climb up on the beams of the barn and my mistress throws me her mitten. Then I play with it for a while. Then I take my paw and shake it off because it gets caught on my claws. One of my favorite things to do is hide. When someone comes running by trying to do something important, I grab their ankle and hold on tight. My best friend is Dutchess the dairy cow. When my mistress's father is milking, I watch very carefully in case he spills some milk. On cold nights, I curl up next to the cow. There is usually hay there and it's awfully warm.

Respectably yours, Roy (L.T.)


Hello from a chilly barn-

My name is Kathy. I am a lamb. I was a triplet and littler than my brothers. It was awfully hard for me to get milk from my mother so the big people took me away and put me in this nice warm pen with a BIG bucket of milk for me to drink from. It took a while to get used to the milk. Bluchhh. It tasted awful compared to mom's. One of the big people made good friends with me. Then about a week afterwards they put me in this weird thing. It was really big and it kind of bounced when you stood on it. I kept trying to get out the back but my mistress wouldn't let me. The thing finally stopped and we got out and went into this big warm room where there were LOTS of little kids. One of the kids liked me immediately and had his arm around me the whole time. I was lucky enough to get my picture in 2 newspapers! It was fun but I was glad to get back to the nice cool barn. I'll tell my mistress to get some pictures of me standing on a snow pile.



human=Timothy and Nicole

comments=My name is Tuxedo. I am a cat and of course my humans gave me a name that reflected what I look like. But, I guess you gotta love them. Well, I have an interesting tale to tell. My humans are both in college, and I was so excited when they decided to take me with them. I had no idea that animals were not allowed at the school. I was on my way though, even though I didn't enjoy the ride. I was very comfortable in the room with them. My humans gave me everything a cat wanted, even though they liked to hug me a little too much. As it turned out, the human in charge of the place found me out. I have a bad habit of talking too much and I spoke out of turn, which led him to me. I had to return to my human mother's home. So here I am. At least my father and mother human(as they like to be called) treated me as one of their own! Now I am living with the humans that treat me as nothing more than a savage with no manners! Mother tells me that she will soon bring me back to live with them once they find a place to live, but I only see her once every 3 weeks! I am very lonely sometimes because the humans around here only talk to me in a limited vocabulary of "yea", and something that sounds like, "dumb cat". I am very depressed about this and I wish I had someone to talk to when my mother or father isn't here. Oh, there's one of the humans coming! I have to go. I hope you enjoyed my story!

Meow Meow Mew Mew Meow


human=Steven Woods
comments=Hi there! My name is Prince, and I am 1 (human) yrs. old. I live in Oslo, Norway, and my human and I am the best of friends. I was born and raised on the other side of town, so I have moved a few miles to the south. Every once in a while I like to have my teeth massaged. My human doesn't understand why, but it feels so good! And of course I love to play with my favorite toy. A small red ball with studs. This summer I'm going to explore my new surroundings, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Mjau from


hometitle=Madame Alto's Cat House
reference=Just Surfed On In!
animal=A purrfect cat
comments=My mom doesn't have a scanner yet so you can't see me, but take my word for it I'm beautiful. I like to help my mom at the computer by sleeping on her left hand so she won't get Carpel Tunnel Syndrome like she has in her right one! I am 17 years wise.



name=Rocky, but I like to be called Kitty
comments=Right now we live in Virginia Beach, but we are moving soon to Massachusetts, thank goodness I am an indoor cat with those cold winters up there! I am only 5 months old, and I am gray and white, with some darker gray tiger stripes. My owner calls me a hellion, because all I ever do is get into trouble.
I am trying to be better though.