Dear ACGS,

I have heard about your new organization through my good homeschooled dog friend Tucker. We were having a romp in my yard and she told me of the exciting things that ACGS has planned. I must confess to the fact that no, I am not homeschooled, although I wish I was. I was wondering if I may join your fine organization. My name is Barkley. I am an "only" dog. I figure I would get to interact with some very interesting animals and that ACGS would help in my socialization.

Yours in the name of all creatures,
Barkley O.

Hello Maggie, Dr. Mickles, Marbles, Hobbes, Grace, Leia, Ezra, Mara,
Tucker, Tad, and Mozart!

Two meows and a purr to your letter! I luved it! It was
puuuuuurrrrrrfect! Please excuse my error in my e-mail thingy. I
just don't know what I am. You know, my brother, Vinny (also known
as "T.C.", "Thick and Chunky"), lives with a cat named Hobbes, too.
And a cat named Sasha, and Newton, and Biff. He used to live with a
dog (possibly a yellow lab), but it ran away. Don't worry, Tucker.
I will say nothing against dogs, since Sassy is my main playmate.
The other cats aren't any fun. Tootsie always hisses, Tigger runs
and tries to get our pets to let her outside, and Britches sometimes
scares me. Ho-hum. So all I have is a little, trying to intimidate
me by barking, furry, black fuzzball that our pets call a dog. She
looks like a hairball to me, but she plays with me, so I won't insult
her. My Sarah luvs cats. Her room is covered with them. Poor
felines. Oh well. She luvs me, so I won't hiss at her either.
Sometimes I bite her though. I'm just playing, but she gets mad at
me. What's a kitty s'posed to do? Sometimes I go crazy and race
around the house and do dare-devil leaps into the air-----and then I
fall down. My Sarah laughs at me when I do that, and then she runs
to her room because sometimes, she'll run her fingers on the corner
of the wall, just where I can see them, and then-----POUNCE!!!
Hee-hee. But I'm not the only weird one. Sassy, the fuzzball, will
sometimes chase after a rubber chicken leg and accidentally slam her
head into the cabinets. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! My Sarah laughs at
that. Oh, meow. I have to go now. Thanks for sending me a letter!
By the way, if your pet wants someone to talk to, my Sarah is always
here. She reads my letters for me, and she wants to talk to
somebody, too.

Thanks! Meow----Paws

P.S. My name is Paws because all my paws are white.

Hello Tucker!

Thank you for writing me. I liked the letter. I would be very small compared to a big yellow
labrador like you. Actually, I would be small compared to anybody!
I'm a quiet puppy, but not all the time. Sometimes, when I hear
noises, I BARKBARKBARK at them. When I'm playing with my friend,
Paws, I BARKBARKBARK at him, too. I love to do that. Sometimes I
confuse my mommy, though. She doesn't know what I'm BARKBARKBARKing
at sometimes. But I luv my mommy. She feeds me human food
sometimes. And Sarah, my mommny's daughter, plays with me! She
slides me around the wood floor when I hold on the my rug bone. Oh,
I have to go now. It's nap time.
Thanks again for writing me. I hope to talk to you soon! -Sassy