Across The Wild River
Bill Gutman

Chapter 1
Clip-clop, clip-clop. James Gregg listened to his pa's horse trotting down the road to the general store. When they got there, Pa said, "Who wants to come in?" James's older brother Jeremy said he didn't want to, but James did.
When they were going in, they saw a sidewalk. It was made of wood. James didn't think it could hold him. Pa needed flour and some shot. When they were going to weigh things, James weighed 99 lbs. Pa got a out a pound of the shot and weighed James and the shot together. Then James weighed 100 lbs.!

Chapter 2
Pa and James came out of the store and Pa said, "James, can you take the 75 lbs. of flour and shot to the wagon?" James said okay. So he brought it to the wagon and he met a kid. His name was Scott. When they were talking they heard a gun shot and a guy fell down dead. James's brother Jeremy, who was holding the ropes of the horses, fell off the seat and the reins fell out of his hands. The horse got loose and a young man came running and jumped on the horse and stopped it with his heels. Then Pa came out of the store and said, "Get on the wagon because we're going home now."

Chapter 3
Ma was making squirrel stew for supper. James thought squirrel stew was the best thing in the world. That night Colonel Stewart, the guy that was going to lead the wagon group that the Gregg's were going to be in, came over. The group was leaving the next day.
The next day when the the Gregg's were going to the group, they saw Scott going to the group of wagons with his family too. Scott's family was going to Oregon to open a hardware store and the Gregg's were going to do farming.

Chapter 4
James couldn't sleep because he was excited about the journey west. In the morning, Jeremy had run away. James and his Pa found him waiting for the next ferry. Jeremy said, "I'm not coming to Oregon." Pa said he could stay.

Chapter 5
Everyone was hooking up their oxen when they got loose. A young man named Will came running and jumped onto the ox and roped it. Mr. Walker thanked the man for stopping the ox. Will came back the next day on his horse. He had brought Jeremy back.

Chapter 6
James knew it was going to rain because he could feel it in the air. For dinner, James had corn meal cakes fried with strips of fat pork. Just as James finished licking his fingers, it started to rain. Later that night, a colt got loose because it was so scared. James ran out of the wagon and stopped it by putting his arms around it.
By 7 AM they had to be on the road to Oregon.
Chapter 7
In the morning, James and Will found the colt's owner, Mr. Meacham, who gave the colt to James because it looked like an old bag of bones. James named the colt Bolt because he first saw him when he had just seen a bolt of lightening.
After a while, they came to unorganized land, which is land that nobody owns and it is outside of the 29 states.
James was so excited about leaving the 29 states and going to new lands.

Chapter 8
James, Scott and Cady were playing hide and seek. Scott found an ant hole and got a stick and stuck it in the ant hole. Then they caught a gopher. James wanted to kill it and Cady got mad at him because James wanted to kill it. But James changed his mind and Scott got mad at him nor not killing it for fun.
So, James went to a water bank and saw Will and a young woman named Sara who were sitting side by side. Will and the young woman left after they saw James. Every one ended up mad at James that day.

Chapter 9
The wagons are heading north to Fort Laramie. James drove the team to the Wakarusa River. The river was shallow enough to ford but dangerous. They met Indians who wanted to trade.

Chapter 10
Before they went to sleep that night, James asked Will when they would see some buffalo. That morning when James and Jeremy were sleeping in their tent, James heard a thundering sound. He realized that it was a buffalo stampede. That afternoon, the buffalo changed directions. Now they were heading toward the camp!!! All the guys who had guns went out to kill the 5 buffalo leaders. One of the leaders started charging at James's Pa and hurt him badly. Jeremy took James' gun and shot the buffalo. Then all the buffalo went away to the horizon.

Chapter 11
James was glad that his pa got better because he didn't have to drive the team any more and take care of Bolt. James hadn't seen Cady or Scott for a couple of days. James asked Scott and Cady if they wanted to learn how to ride a horse. They said sure. So James showed them how to get on a horse and Scott got the hang of it fast. Cady kept falling off the horse.
Then he showed them how to ride a horse. Cady wanted to go faster but James said not now. She didn't listen to James and she kicked the horse to go faster and she fell off the horse.
Then a bunch of wolves surrounded them and later Indians found them and brought them back to camp.

Chapter 12
Everyone was complaining that James, Cady and Scott weren't really surrounded by wolves and that the Indians didn't really save them.
The next day 6 men went out hunting for buffalo. James asked his pa if he could go with Jeremy. Pa said okay.
When all the men got there, they split up. Jeremy went with James and his pa. James didn't have a gun so he couldn't shoot, but Jeremy did. Each team got one buffalo. Each buffalo could last half a week for half of the camp.

Chapter 13
One day when Cady and James were taking care of Bolt, Mr. Meatcham came over and said, "Okay James, you have had my horse long enough." "Wait! It's not your horse. You gave him to me because you said he was good for nothing." "No, no. I lent him to you." Will heard James and Mr. Meecham and came over and said, "Bolt is not yours--he is James'." Later that night, everyone was told to tie everything up because there was going to be a tornado.

Chapter 14
and everyone celebrated that night because they were happy that the storm was over. Everyone told stories. Colonel Stewart told a story about an injured Indian.

Chapter 15
One of the guys in the wagon group shot an Indian. Everyone said they should hang the man for killing an Indian. Colonel Stewart went to the Pawnee on horseback. He brought two other horses. One had the dead Indian and the other had the guy who killed the Indian. The Colonel gave the Pawnees the two horses.

Chapter 16
The wagons were lining up to cross the river. When the Gregg's and the Walker's were crossingr, Cady fell out of the wagon. James jumped out of his wagon. When he got Cady he started swimming back to the wagon. They swallowed a lot of dirty water and got really sick. The next thing he knew, he and Cady were in James' wagon, because the Walker's were already sick enough in their wagon.

Chapter 17
Two people died after the river crossing. Colonel Stewart had a funeral for the two who had died. A week later, Will married Sara. They both wore their best Sunday clothes.

Chapter 18
One morning, when James woke up, it was pitch black out. James realized it was a sand storm. James ran to his pa's tent and jumped in. His pa said, "it is only 7:00."
The next day, the storm was still there, but they moved on. After three days, one family got lost. The next day, the family that was lost was found. When the storm was over, everyone started screaming for joy.


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