The Life of Sir Kevin

I am Sir Kevin. Richest knight and best knight in the whole universe. My castle has 800 towers. I go on the biggest tower. That tower is 1000 feet off the ground. My castle is so strong. It has a draw-bridge and a moat that is so deep that bad guys fall in.

I like jesters. I am the best at jousting. I am from the middle ages. Which reminds me that I am hungry for lunch. I like chicken with meat sauce. My squire James cooks all my meals. When I have chicken James cooks it for me and makes my meat sauce. He cooks over the open fire. I lead the knights.

I go to tournaments and I always win. I come with my horse whose name is Toffee. I wear armor. It is heavy. But I can stand it. The person who makes my armor is named Axel. He is an expert blacksmith. He makes all my tools. He makes my battle-ax, my double-edged sword and my mace. I like to joust. My lance is made of wood.



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