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Raspberry Coins
by Katie Lande


The blushing fields are light as cream;

they glow beneath the moon.

Deep love is swelling from the stream

of youth's departing tune.


Once tarnished coins in soil blest,

now surge on grassy waves.

Remove confusion and unrest

then beauty there engrave.


Tart green at first but sweetness sprouts;

each rally in my soul.

Lay forth the winding, jagged routes,

that guide me to my goal


Plump berry coins, so rich and great,

reveal what you advise.

Don't tell me what is of my fate,

yet lead me pure and wise.


by Katie Lande
age 11


slow summer days pass

barely moving in mother's wood rocker

my faded yellow dress sticks to flesh

like flies caught in maple syrup

too hot to concentrate

too hot to move

weakened by humidity

I gaze beyond wavy curtains of heat

and dream......





As the wind passed in

to a room full of chill

I tried to squeeze out

but the door closed tight.

I was surrounded in a kitchen

full of white things.

As in snow,

I felt cold







Night came slowly

as the gentle wind blew.

The day had been hot--

so hot that birds stopped flying,

so hot that feet ached,

so hot that we welcomed the dark

as a friend come to call.




the wind was very strong

as I looked out my window

flying around the great big field

all I saw were leaves and leaves

it reminded me

of when my brother died

as a baby, he drifted up into the sky

I felt as if he were one of the leaves

but having a hard time

as if he would not be able to keep going

like some others


By Katie, age 12

Young rays of life

bring forth the morn

as orchard apples glow;

old dew drops fade,

the wheat nods south

and beckons me to come.


A heifer moos,

the herd dogs bark,

soft mews of hungry cats

then echo back

sweet poems of fall

which lift me with the breeze.


by Katie, age 12


Young rays of life,

bring forth the morn

as orchard apples glow--

dew drops fade away.


The wheat nods low,

a friendly wave,

across my land so fair--

beck'ning me to come.


A heifer moos,

the herd dogs bark--

soft mews of hungry cats

echo through the air.


As l look on,

through heaps of awe,

sweet poems of fall abound--

lift me with her breeze.


The Trekker
by Katie Lande


Trekkies, trekkies swinging high

in the midst of my deep sigh

What immortal mouth or nose

could build thy ugly land of foes


in what quadrant life away,

snap of fingers, gaily play

on what world does thee endure

with thy hand dare seize the lure


and what beauty, Oh what ships!

could lovely whisper on my lips,

the breeze to carry 'way thy hum,

to lift me from continuome!


what the humor? all the bore,

could make me ask for so much more?

thine acts become magnigicant

borne true from his omnipotents






Mother cats

get worn out,

while father cats

come, then go about.


We cat mothers

pay the taxes,

find the food,

and handle axes.


We do the work

(all kinds of schlock)

while tending babies

'round the clock.


With all this work,

and so much fuss,

can "mother cat"

establish us?





in the tree I crouch

surrounded by black night


January's cold

throwing thick white fluff


down is lost

can't find it

too scared to move

only up and up

straight up


frozen to limb's end

I stick tight, shivering

hungry and scared

far from down

no escape


stay here, stay here

alert with fright

where is sleep?

it is up, too


waiting through black

and cold

'till down finds me


S.T.W. (Save The World)


I look around

and see two eyes.

They look to me

like big black flys.


I hop and leap

and swat a nose.

Then with a dog,

I come to blows.


To save the world

is what I dare--

my one intent

and only care.


Katie Lande, age 11


the coat on the couch

once a week

brought joy to our eyes

music to our hearts


Sunday it came

cold with the season

warming our home

coat and couch were one


suddenly gone

coldness closed hearts

sadness watered checks

anger toward life


dirt shoveled over

coat and couch became two

saying goodbye

without knowing it true


loving ceased

no longer alive

faith ran away

with tears in her eyes


teeth clenched tight

coat floated toward heaven

cheeks light with sorrow

flesh burned with rage


coat and all

died from eyes

loving it stayed

in the hearts carrying stone



by Katie Lande, age 10


the heavy air is sweaty,

what air that can be found

black smoke is everywhere

as bodies hit the ground


and with a violent rumble

in the shaken dirty ground

man's blood comes a-flying

from all directions 'round


and while I make my way

to a shelter safe and sound

soldiers just a-lying

are piled in a mound


another rumble suddenly

I shake and fall right down

I put my hands all over my head

to stop my screaming sound


at last in quiet there I sit

no terror left to hound

I shut my eyes real dark and tight

and ache for souls deep down


I wish I could be dreaming

beautiful flowers abound

I'll think no more of lonely war

said I without a sound



by Katie Lande, age 10


I wore a yellow pointed star

upon my shirt and vest

my scared heart kept bouncing far

trying hard to make the best


a Nazi soldier walking beat

as children want to burst with cry

people hid all over the streets

desperately keeping their fears inside


one little girl standing alone

saving her dreams deep inside

a piece of life all of her own

lighting the dark with a bit of pride


by Katie, age 9


across the sea I am

to make my life sincere

we build a house of wood

on winter's cold frontier


my little trunk I have

to keep my feelings safe

the Indians might come

and scare this humble waif


if we do not work,

we'll starve and then be ailed

so do the best we can--remember why we sailed


Squanto now did come

to help us plant some maize

we put our cattle out

on golden grass to graze


I feel so free to live

my fears will rise above

belief has made me strong

this land I surely love


By Katie, age 9


strong brown eagle

here's the wind

gliding, gliding

let me spin


now some clouds

it's dark, it's gray

let me soar

through the wave


I'm wet, now cold

my life please save

God help me, help me

from the grave


my, it's growing

so gloomy today

dark, GIANT clouds

coming north this way


strong brown eagle

seek our light

to where this sunny

world shines bright


homeward bound

come soon to see

it's where you'll find

some friends to be



Daddy's Little Girl
by Katie Lande
age 4


the cold wind blew

into her bedroom

night after night

and for many years


it was that night that I want to always remember

1983 the year

December the month

19th the day


when I heard that my baby was here

I jumped and yelled

I was so very surprised

golden diamond

lovely baby


I wrote this poem when I was four years old. My dad and I were lying on the rug in one of our rooms and I was dictating it to him. It was the first poem that I ever wrote.


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