Thinking of Homeschooling?


Start from the beginning:

What are the goals of your family?

What are your educational goals?

How does your child learn best?

How do you learn best?

What is your family's style?

What do you think your child needs in life, in learning, in playing?


For Curricula and and Resources :

Mary Pride's The Big Book of Home Learning

Pennsylvania Homeschooler's catalog:

Howard and Susan Richman

RD 2 Box 117

Kittanning PA 16201-9311

(412) 783-6512

Homeschool Discount Warehouse

229 South Bridge Street

PO Box 8000

Elkton MD 21922-8000

(800) 775-5422

Homeschool Resource Center

Debra Bell, resources and seminars

6 Royal Road

Palmyra, PA 17078

(717) 838-6201


Legal Requirements (portfolios, record keeping, requirements):

Guide to PA Homeschool Law--PA Home- schoolers (above)

Guide to High School Diploma--PA Home- schoolers (above)


Suggested books to read before starting:

Homeschooling: A Patchwork of Days--Share a Day with 30 Homeschooling

Families, by Nancy Lande

The 3 R's at Home, by Susan and Howard Richman--PA Homeschoolers (above)

Writing from Home, by Susan Richman--PA Homeschoolers (above)

Teaching Your Child Successfully, by Ruth Beechick

Christian Home Educators' Curriculum Manual, by Cathy Duffy

The Home School Source Book, by Donn Reed

Books by John Holt, Grace Llewellyn, Raymond Moore, David Colfax, Susanne Macauly, David Guterson, Nancy Wallace, John Taylor Gatto,

Blueprint for Success, by Debra Bell

6 hour seminar on tape--Order from Homeschool Resource Center (above).


Keep on reading, talking and asking questions!

Homeschool Magazines:

"Pennsylvania Homeschoolers" (above)

"Growing Without Schooling"

John Holt

2269 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge MA 02140

(617) 864-3100

"S.K.I.L.L."--Delaware County Christian Homeschool Association

"CHAP"--Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania

Laura Fay

3937 Ridgewood Road

York, PA 17402-9069

(717) 755-9779

"Homeschooling Today"

PO Box 1425

Melrose, FL 32666

(904) 462-7201

"Practical Homeschooling"

Home Life

PO Box 1250

Fenton MO 63026-1850

(800) 346-6322

"Home Education Magazine"

P.O. Box 1083

Tonasket, Wa 98855

(800) 236-3278

"Home School Exchange"

26 Colony Street,

St. Augustine, FL 32095

(904) 824-8247

"Homeschooling Today"

P.O. Box 1425

Melrose, FL 32666

(904) 475-3088

"Teaching Home"

P.O. Box 20219

Portland, OR 97220-0219

"Drinking Gourd"

P.O. Box 2557

Redmond, WA 98073

(206) 836-0336


CHAP CURRICULUM FAIR--May, Annual Homeschool Convention. All kinds of curricula and resources on display and for sale. Numerous seminars and speakers on a variety of topics. Held at the Harrisburg Farm Show Complex. This is an excellent way to view materials before purchasing and hear experienced homeschooling parents. Use Mary Pride's Big Book of Home Learning ahead of time to get an idea of what you want to look at, as there are seemingly millions of resources! Call (717) 661-2185 or write Bruce Eagleson, 305 Laurel Drive, Hershey, PA 17035. A MUST!