These are some of the resources I like to use with my children:

CNN Newsroom and World View
What Every ___Grader Needs to Know, by E. D. Hirsch
Miquon Math Lab Materials (grades 1-3)
Saxon Math (older grades)
Jacob's Elememtary Algebra, Geometry, Mathematics-A Human Endeavor
The Concord Review (History essays)
Learnables (foreign language)
Cobblestone, Faces, Odyssey, Calliope history and science magazines
Stone Soup
Balanced Science (high school science)
History of US by Joy Hakim (middle years)
Figure It Out (problem solving)
Math By Kids! (problem solving)
Sing, Spell, Read and Write (phonics and more for younger children)
Pathway Readers
PBS Reading Rainbow
PBS Bill Nye, the Science Guy
PBS Wishbone
PBS National Geographics
Cuisenaire Rods
Geo Boards
100's Board
Math Olympiads
English from the Roots Up
Wordly Wise
Wonder Number
National Geographic magazine

Personal resource favorites:
Pennsylvania Homeschoolers newsletter
Keepers at Home
Young Companions, Blackboard Bulletin
Growing Without Schooling
The 3 R's at Home
Writing from Home
Mary Pride's Big Book of Home Learning

Add to Katie's after Goals:
Ralph Moody books
L. M. Montgomery books
Historical fiction
Saxon Math
Star Wars movies and books
Star Trek, TNG, etc.
Cat Fancy
Stone Soup

Your Big Backyard
Pathway Readers
Boy's Life
Highlights for Children
Once a Scout
Star Wars movies
Star Trek, TNG, etc
What Every 3rd Grader Needs to Know
Cub Scout Handbook

Getting Started:
Homeschooling: A Patchwork of Days
The 3 R's at Home
Writing from Home
Mary Pride's Big Book of Home Learning
The Teenage Liberation Handbook
Real Lives--Eleven Teenagers who don't go to school
Debra Bell's Blueprint to Success


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