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WindyCreek screams "homemade" and is actually the better for it. This is
the Lande family's home schooling site, and you can almost smell the
cookies baking. Other home schoolers will no doubt find this site inspirational
and perhaps even instructional. You can order the Landes' book here,
and you'll find healthy set of education resources and kid-friendly links.

Recipients of The Iceman's Award for the week November 10.-16. 1996. As you will discover, if you visit these pages, all are worthy recipients of the award. A lot of work, care and love has been put into these sites by their authors.

Wow! This is one of the most useful pages I've found! My husband,
Henry, and I are very interested in homeschooling our two children, and
this page is sure to be a great help to us in getting started! I am
currently in college studying to be an art teacher in public schools,
and the more I learn in my education classes, the more I think "is THIS
really what education's all about?" It seems like schools are working
against learning! We would like to award your page with the "Big 'Ole Grin" award, which
we give to pages that promote family togetherness.

I think you are doing a tremendous job, with the home schooling and that
it is wonderful that many parents are taking the time to school their
own children.... Your WindyCreek pages have a tremendous amount of
information for anyone involved in or seeking knowledge to become
involved in teaching at home. Your total site, with all the time and effort you must have to keep it
up and the degree of precision with which the material is presented
along with the clean lines of presentation make you eligible for my
Lucky Black Cat's 3 Star Award. Congratulations and keep
up the good work...
Congratulations....We (The Northup's) are pleased to announce that you have won the Royal Home Page Award! During the extensive and rigorous review of your Home Page the panel decided unanimously that you were worthy of the Award!

WindyCreek will be a Zookeeper's Pet for the week of Sept.8 to Sept.15, 1996.

We have decided that your site deserves BPEG's "Best of the Best" Enter-net-Link Award for outstanding homepages. It is inginuitve, interesting, and should been seen by others surfing the web. So that your site might gain more recognition, we are offering to you BPEG's "Best of the Best" Award. If you accept this Award please continue reading. Homepages are a personal subject. They reveal a lot about the person behind them. It is also gradtifying to know that others appreciate you hard work. In acknowledgement to all of the hard and tedious work that goes into a homepage, this award is given to those who have invested themselves into giving to the world a piece of themselves.

Congrats! Your site has been chosen for The Award Ward Award!

You have been awarded the Whoa Factor award for a web page that is impressive at first sight! It is hard to keep up to date with new things coming out so fast, and I think you have done a great job of keeping up with the new technology that makes your web page stand out so much. That is why you deserve the Whoa Factor award, because you have spent time keeping up, Good Job and you can be proud to display the Whoa Factor award!

Best in Originality and Content-Congratulations once again!!! You should be proud since *your* site has beaten over 200 other sites in your category! Please continue the excellent work.

Best Regards,
Marc Persad.
BookMarc Reviewer.

The "WWWorld Ribbon Award" was created on July 1, 1996 by Mark Reeves. The reason that it was created was because he was very tired of seeing pages created by people who have far too much skill in graphic arts, and not enough skill in basic HTML. Any page that wins the "WWWorld Ribbon Award" shows proof of much time being put into the finished product. These awards are given not just for what the Web page author has done, but for what they are expected to do in the future for their site. The main goal: to make the Web a better place for everyone. WindyCreek Homeschool: O.K. Now that you've had your science lesson, it's time to round out your education. This site is one homeschooling family's site on the net. The kid's goals are available, as well as links to information resources to make their goals a reality. The family includes their own newsletter online. Neat site. Check it out!

Neil's World is a September 1996 Hall of Fame Winner . Chosen by popular vote of other kids and voted "the best on the net." Rating:9 ... Neil's World is really great. He has an art gallery and you can find out about his Mars picture that will actually be sent to Mars. Neil is really a great artist, so be sure to check out this great page.

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