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The WindyCreek Consulting, under the leadership of its founder, Gary M. Lande, M.D. , offers a wide variety of training programs for mental health professionals. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels are offered.

Gary M. Lande, M.D. , comes to Montana from 25 years of clinical and teaching experience at such places as The Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic, The University of Pennsylvania, The Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital, etc. He studied with Abraham Maslow and George Kelly at Brandeis University in Massachusetts and then went on to Yale University School of Medicine. At the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania he worked with Tim Beck, Lester Luborsky and others. He was trained by and taught with Jay Haley and Salvador Minuchin at Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic. He worked and studied with Milton Erickson over several years.

Mission Statement

Gary M. Lande, M.D. specializes in helping business leaders motivate themselves and their people improve productivity, achieve goals, clarify directions and improve how people work together. Gary works as a Management Consultant and offers consulting services in Organizational Development to help make an organization or business more effective. Gary's work may be focused upon a single person, a team, or an organization. He provides one on one consulting, team building, education using a variety of methods including: coaching, emotional intelligence feedback, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® , and role playing.

Among the areas of consulting we deal with are:

Corporate objectives, Organizational development, Organization planning, Strategic and long-range planning, Quality Assurance, Advertising, Attitude and opinion surveys, Customer service, Marketing planning, Office management, Employee communication and motivation, Employee services, Personnel recruiting and selection, Training and development, Executive search, Executive coaching and Executive consultation

For instance Executive coaching involves working with executives to help them lead and relate more effectively to others, learn or modify specific skills such as assertive communication, active listening, etc. In the process, they are helped to see themselves as others see them, and they are encouraged to explore new ways of behaving. The consultant responds to the executive's questions such as ''What do you think I should do to improve my performance?'' by suggesting alternatives raised by the executive himself or herself, and assists the executive to evaluate the costs and benefits of the various alternatives. The consultant stresses that implementation of any behavioral change is the executive's responsibility, and that the consultant's role is to provide accurate feedback by asking questions and increasing the executive's choices.

Executive consultation is less concerned with the executive's leadership and relational skills and more with the executive's own concerns. The consultant's role is rather one of listener, confidant, and personal adviser. Essentially, the consultant serves as a sounding board and as an objective and trustworthy source of feedback. Such consultation sessions consist of directed discussions initiated by the executive who sets the agenda. Discussion might focus on a staff conflict, morale in a division, a merger, office relocation, or a personal concern.

One of the tools that is used is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® . The MBTI® helps people in organizations to understand themselves, appreciate others, communicate more effectively, improve teamwork, understand differences and contributions in an organization. Much of Gary's work is to build effective teams. Gary works to develop a sense of common purpose, build greater trust and creating greater sense of optimism and participation. To develop teams that have the following characteristics: clear goals, team members understand how they contribute to the whole, climate of trust and support, open communication, members participate in decision making, differences are valued.

Dr. Lande has both a consulting practice and an active research program. He consults with individuals and companies on career, management and organization development issues. Dr. Lande's research and consulting activities include the study of career-related personality traits, Emotional Intelligence in the work place, and the development of Emotional Intelligence in individuals. There are four components of Emotional Intelligence: Identifying Emotions); Using Emotions ( ability to generate emotions and then reason with this emotion); Understanding Emotions; Regulating Emotions. Since Emotional Intelligence also works with personality styles, Dr. Lande helps individuals and groups understand the relationship of their Emotional Intelligence to their MBTI® types. Many jobs require constant contact with other people, working in informal teams, or requiring you to empathize with, and understand, others. If you don't have a high level of Emotional Intelligence, then you may experience frustration these careers, or perhaps, lack of job satisfaction. Dr. Lande has been developing ways too help improve Emotional Intelligence.

In addition to training and consulting to organizations on-site, WindyCreek Consulting provides workshop programs in Bozeman, MT. Some of training opportunities are in areas of Leadership Skills Training, Communications, Team Building, Cultural Change and Diversity Issues, etc. Workshops are tailored to the unique needs of each organization. We work directly with selected members of the organization or can deal with groups designing exercise to maximize learning. The workshops are experiential and make use of direct experience and exercise including the MBTI®. Seminars, workshops, consultations and personal coaching sessions are available.

Workshops Programs

WindyCreek Consulting offers half-day to full weekend workshops in addition to semester long courses in the Bozeman area and also arranges to present programs around the country. A broad range of learning opportunities are offered or psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, nurses, licensed counselors and other mental health professionals


Sample Workshops:

Film and Psychotherapy Series

Introduction to Psychotherapy

The Therapist as a Person

Journeys Inside

Construction of Realities

Body Image

Mind and Psychotherapy


Therapy for Couples' Problems

Therapy of Personality Disorders

Therapy With Children and Families

Structural Family Therapy

The Therapy of Milton Erickson

MBTI® Myers-Briggs® Workshops

Synthetic Cultures

Team Building


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