Following are samples from among the many readers who graciously took the time to write their responses to the book HOMESCHOOLING: A PATCHWORK OF DAYS.

"Thank you very much for writing this book--I've been waiting for a book such as this for years!"

"This is WONDERFUL! What a tremendous variety! I always knew it was there but to see the specific examples was great. In the beginning, I thought I could predict, by introduction or picture, which families would have which homeschooling style but I found myself wrong again and again. (I never would have thought I judged people that stereotypically either.) Each and every one was fascinating and fun to read . . . although I did get a bit bogged down by some of the heavily regimented ones. I'm sure that there are those who think my children just run wild though, but this has definitely helped me enjoy the patchwork, and oh wouldn't I have loved this four or five years ago! Thank you, thank you again!"

"I am very interested in reviewing your book. Part of that interest stems from my commitment to share homeschool-related information across the Web but most of my interest is because I'd really want to know what other homeschooling families are doing . . . and how they're doing it!"

"How I've enjoyed reading A PATCHWORK OF DAYS. It's like peeking through people's windows. So many different families. . . so many different kids, but homeschooling works for all of them. Nancy, many thanks for all the work you did to put this fun book together. I'm curious about the process you went through. I'm sure you will accomplish your goal by helping many families get over that fear of the unknown. As a seasoned homeschooler, I was inspired to try some new things, as I read about the programs of other families."

"I had no idea that this book would reach to the corners of the world! (I consider Australia to be a kind of odd-shaped corner.) There certainly are a wide variety of homeschoolers out there. Our librarians rushed to their date base to get ordering information after reading the book."

"I am delighted with your book! It answers questions I have been asking all along as to what daily scheduling is like, how both parents and children respond, whether it really is a better system than public schooling, and mostly. . . the trade-off of relating with unfamiliar teachers and large peer groups vs. the special individual attention which public schools cannot provide. You seem to have answered that in your introduction and the chapters on how homeschoolers spend their school days."

"I have decided that if there is such a thing as reincarnation I will try my best to come back as a Homeschooler. Naturally, I would wish the same set of mama, papa, and siblings as in your chapter. However, I doubt that my present treasury of merit gained over these ninety some years would warrant such reward."

"A few minutes ago I completed your book. It was akin to saying goodbye to friends. What great visits I had! It was simply a joy to visit with each family via their chapter. After reading the chapters I thought how beautiful a picture these families painted. Thanks for providing all those visits."