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respective theorizers. Kant's and Socrates' type (probably both INTPs) also shared.

But what has also been found in MBTI research is that NTs make up only 12% of the

world's population (consistent in cross-cultural studies) and that INTPs make up ~1% of the

world's population! It should also be noted that personality, is to a large degree, biological in

nature and only marginally affected by environment. Thus, even education to fit Kant's

requirement of rational beings would not alter to any large degree the number of NT's in the world!

What this implies is that only a certain percentage of the world's population has the potential to be

rational beings! The NFs are more likely to follow moral feeling; SJs will follow tradition and law,

SPs don't bother to consider the categorical imperative but instead live by the hypothetical

imperative! This leaves NTs to be those that consider morality in a rational and "philosophical

manner" that corresponds to Kant's rational beings. NTs will be concerned with justice, logic, and

constancy and the NF with fairness. Does this mean only 12% of the population can be moral? (I

want to add that a speckling of ENFPs and INFPs are added to the NT groups, but are dominated

by the INTP [most of the NTs don't enter into philosophic thought even though many do enter into

scientific thought] which brings up the number of potential individuals fitting the personality

requisites for rational beings to 4%.)

While a certain personality is required to be one of Kant's rational beings, we also

acknowledge that a certain degree of intelligence is required in order for individuals with the proper

personality type to be "smart" enough to make the required connections necessary for the abstract

and theoretical thought required of the rational being. We can (without being scientific) assume that

those with this proper intelligence have on average, an IQ of>140 (as it is acknowledge that the

"great theorizers" had). We run into the problem, though, of distinguishing those with a well

rounded IQ >140 and those who are strong only in one area such as math, language, or music/art.

However, since those with an IQ of >140 represent only ~.0025% of the population, we will

make, latter on in our calculations of rational beings, rough subtractions.

If we now proceed to actually calculate the number of potential "rational beings" today

which meet Kants criteria, we must multiply the percentage of the population fitting the proper

personality and intelligence quotient to the world population, and then make rough subtractions to

compensate for environmental factors. The equation follows: World population equals

~6,000,000,000 x .04 (proper personality type) x .0025 (proper IQ range) = 600,000 individuals